About Las Casitas

“Architecture is a comfort to my soul, put in my heart from God Almighty. It is the unique ability, a gift, for the mind to reason freely – to reason as the art of considering, arranging and forming beautiful spaces for the sole purpose of human living and enjoyment. We at Las Casitas, as a whole firm, see and practice architecture as a fluid art form rather than a fixed science.” – Xavier Garcia

Las Casitas Architecture & Interiors is an award-winning design consulting firm located in Sarasota, Florida. Founded and led by Xavier Garcia, Design Principal, since 1993, the firm has produced a body of work that speaks for itself. The firm’s range of design forte includes design projects such as single-family, waterfront, speculative, multi-family, condominium, subdivision, and high-rise & mid-rise residential, as well as assemblies and churches.

“We characterize our design by the diversity of our clientele.  In reality, we do not adhere to one specific architectural style but rather, we adapt and tailor our approach to design by our client’s own varied needs, criteria and sensibilities

Having designed more than 600 projects in the Southwest region of Florida since its inception, not counting other projects in Europe and South America, Las Casitas is highly sought after because of its dedication to design excellence, spatial innovation and exact technical expertise. Within each custom project, Las Casitas strives to enrich the lives of those they serve.


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